About Us


Wilson Fuqua

My life long pursuit has been the styles and livability of American houses. The masters in architecture program at the University of Texas at Austin prepared me to analyze and appreciate the fundamentals of good architecture, such as the union of style and livability.

The early twentieth century homes of Highland Park, University Park and Preston Hollow have been the source and the inspiration of my work. The quality of the architecture of this period, the availability of exceptional contractors and discerning clientele is the best I could ask for; and a successful, enjoyable project requires all the above. Our approach focuses on the desires of the client as articulated by the use of our extensive design library, project photographs and historic buildings. Then we share our ideas and concepts; through hand sketching, 3D modeling, photography and mock-ups. Each adds to the process and is helpful in the development of the project. All of these tools improve the understanding for the client, contractor and architect.


Andres Arroyo

Andres was born and raised in Mexico City, where since a young age he has enjoyed architecture, history and rendering, always wanting to become an architect to design houses. Once graduating from high school Andres lived in England; and traveling extensively through Europe increased that yearning.

After studying architecture and achieving licensure at the Intercontinental University in Mexico City, graduated in 1991, Andres worked with Augusto H. Alvarez from 1991–1998 in several commercial & residential projects in Mexico as well as several freelance residential projects.

Andres moved to the United States in 1998 while working on a series of commercial projects. Working at JWFA, he has been able to fully apply the combination of his architectural interests and abilities in a singular balance.

Giuseppe Lazzara

Giuseppe Lazzara received his architectural degree and PhD from the University of Florence. As a professor he instructed courses in Applied Arts and Painting in Italy.  His interest is and has been in historical restoration. In 1998 he embarked to the United States and took up residency in Dallas with his family. Since that time he has applied his expertise in a variety of commercial and residential projects. To this day, Giuseppe maintains his architectural license in Italy.

John Dubois

John graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1999 with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Architecture. Though he has experience in retail, corporate, and aviation projects, John grew up in a family of homebuilders and holds a longstanding interest in residential architecture.

John is noted for his strong sketching and rendering skills, and his ability to incorporate them into electronic media throughout the design process.

Dubois is also a licensed real estate agent with residential experience in client representation, investment, and property management.